Dest Group Ltd. is a consulting company with the head office in Toronto, Canada.

Who our services meant for?

Our services are aimed at foreign entrepreneurs who want to start business in Canada and the USA. Another important category of our clients include startup companies who specialize in information technologies.

We offer our clients our vast knowledge of the USA and Canada markets, our long-time experience of working with foreign companies and startups, the required infrastructure, and an unconventional approach to finding solutions to problems. This makes us valuable partners who can help you successfully develop your business in North America.

Marketing and advertising

Conducting marketing research and advertising campaigns is one of our most strong suits. We thoroughly analyze the selected segments of the market. We carry out marketing research of different target groups of potential users, identifying their preferences and patterns of behavior, their purchasing power, and their sources of information. Then we present our conclusions, which target groups are worthwhile to persuit.

Help with legal support

Providing a complete range of legal support is a part of our comprehensive services that we offer to the companies intending to enter the North American market, or to the startups with innovation ideas, or to the investors participating in the investment projects that we prepare for them.

We help register companies and representations, obtain required permits, deal with the copyright and intellectual property issues, prepare contracts and agreements, arrange lease or help purchase properties, and so on. We also take care of such issues like immigration, obtaining work permits, obtaining residency status, and re-locating families.