Market Entry

We build a strategy for our clients on how to enter the North American markets and help implement it

Our services aimed at foreign small and medium businesses companies that are looking for to expand and enter the markets of North America (USA and Canada).

The range of our services depends on the company's profile, its goals, plans and capabilities.

We specify the terms of cooperation during initial discussions. At the stage of preliminary communication all consultations are free and with no obligations, until the service agreement is signed.

After that we proceed according to the agreed terms. The services are usually divided into several stages.

Strategic Planning

We help select the products and services offered by a foreign company, which have better chances to succeed on the markets of the USA and Canada. We also conduct market research that helps assess the potential market and identify the target groups.

In case if we determine that your business can benefit from entering the markets of the USA and Canada, we prepare a step-by-step business plan for operation of your company's representation until the fully functional business is established in North America.

Building a presence

The next stage involves establishing your presence in North America and creating a supporting structure for further development of your business.

We help register an office in the USA and Canada, create the required infrastructure, and obtain necessary permits, licenses and certificates. We provide legal support for all key issues.

In some cases our company can act as your official representative so that you won't need to register a company and create the required infrastructure.

Business Development

We take care of producing all advertising materials, conducting advertising campaigns and promotions in order to introduce your brand and make it recognizable, attract clients and organize the sales.

We help create a net of dealers, find business partners, obtain financing, and use tax optimization. Upon client's request we can conduct a regular analysis of business performance in North America and make recommendations on its further improvements.