Help develop foreign startups in the USA and Canada

Bring foreign startups to the North American market and help them grow

One of the main categories of foreign companies that we work with is the startups that specialize in information technologies. This is because our help to such companies is extremely important.

In addition to lack of experience, which is already a challenge for survival of a new business, foreign startups face another difficult task: how to adapt their project to the local conditions and requirements.

We help overcome these difficulties and challenges, starting from recommendations on how to modify the project, and providing further consulting on the key issues. The range of our services depends on the specifics of the project and its potentials when entering the North American markets.

We specify the terms of cooperation during initial discussions. At the stage of preliminary communication all consultations are free and with no obligations, until the service agreement is signed.

After that we proceed according to the agreed terms. The services are usually divided into several stages.

Strategic Planning

At this stage we assess the project and its prospects for entering the markets of the USA and Canada, as well as what should be done to increase the chances for success. We conduct a market research in order to estimate the potential market capacity and identify the target groups. There is one more important thing that we do at this stage - prepare of a detailed business-plan.

Additionally, we look for sources of financing and offer different strategies for that, including such options like venture funds, crowd funding, attracting interested partners and private investors.

Building a presence

The next stage includes making practical steps in developing the project, finding financing, and monetization.

We assist with attracting financing and organizing a business structure that would support the development of your project in North America. We can help open an office, create the required infrastructure, and provide legal support for all issues related to business operation.

Business Development

Due to our extensive experience in developing and conducting advertising and marketing campaigns, we can offer valuable services and support for promoting your project.

We can also help build a strategy for your business development and provide practical assistance. Our work for clients also includes monitoring of the company's activities and providing recommendations for further growth of the project.